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Atwater Village Could Get A Pedestrian Plaza On Glendale Blvd.

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The Atwater Neighborhood Council will hold a town hall meeting in late January to hear comments on adding a parklet--one to three parking spaces converted to a seating/lounging area--or pedestrian-friendly plaza somewhere on Glendale Boulevard (Glendale and Brunswick was initially suggested). The potential new addition would be facilitated by People St., the city-sponsored program that's part of the the mayor's Great Streets Program (which is on a mission to make bike-, dance-, and pedestrian-friendly additions to streets citywide); its predecessor led to the creation of the Highland Parklet on York, the parklet on Huntington Drive in El Sereno, and others around town. So far reactions from locals are two-fold and not surprising: There are shopkeepers that worry a parklet or full-on plaza would keep people from finding parking along the street and drive away customers, and there are residents who feel like parking isn't a problem and welcome the walkable space.
· Atwater considers converting street parking into a plaza [Eastsider LA]