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Hollywood Community Plan FAIL, Jay Walking Crack Down

[A 1920's Rudolph Schindler duplex in West Hollywood, now on the market]

This Week's Top Stories: A blighted 8 mile long rail right-of-way may see a second life as a linear park connecting the Inglewood Crenshaw Line Station to the LA River thanks to a proposal spearheaded by County Supes. The LAPD is cracking down on anxious pedestrians looking to get from one side of the street to the other with $250 jaywalking tickets, so don't you dare step onto the street if there is a red hand flashing at you. Hey stupid wildlife, get out of the way because LA is looking to put boat ducks into the Los Angeles River so people can see how nice the river is again. PropertyShark has mapped the areas in Southern California that are experiencing rapid gentrification, where home prices far exceed what residents can afford, including zip codes in Santa Monica, Los Feliz and Downtown. One area that is experiencing a slow moving gentrification is Highland Park, where a tiny 1940's bungalow is getting flipped for $570k. A listing for a Pan Pacific Park adjacent home has added some sweet homoerotic bro-habitation to the mix, with pictures of partially clad men wandering about and hanging out in an empty bathtub. The Hollywood Community Plan that has been in development for close to a decade has been ruled to be "fatally flawed" by a judge following lawsuits brought by neighborhood groups opposed to density, traffic, height, and living in the second largest city in the United States.