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Here's The La Habra Party Mansion That Teens Commandeered

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Oh, come ON: You have a ridiculously cheesy mansion like this--with a grotto--and you market it with an embarrassing video full of sports cars and scantily-clad women, and then you're gonna get mad when a bunch of teenagers go "Hey, that looks like fun, let's try it!" and break into your house for a party while you're out of town?? That's some nerve. And yet that's the story of "trucking magnate" Nick Radoi, formerly best known for crashing his 55-foot yacht into Balboa Pier. He first listed his grotesque La Habra Heights house in 2010 for $21 million, but it's since been pricechopped all the way down to $6.995 million. In late November, while Radoi was out of town, a bunch of awesome kids from La Habra and Whittier came by and threw a rager--clearly and explicitly what this house was designed for--and walked away with a bunch of Radoi's dumb crap: a $250,000 stuffed leopard, medieval armor. Who knows, maybe even the THRONE from the wine cellar or some of the slot machines from the basement casino.

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