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Miracle Mile Neighbors Actually In Favor Of New Mixed-User

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For Los Angeles's grand concourse, Wilshire Boulevard has some noticeable pockmarks. Take for instance, the drive-through Burger King at Orange Drive, which sits next to the Art Deco-ish Oasis Theatre, originally built in the '30s by United Artists. Well, like another BK (in DTLA), this fast-food joint is likely about to be replaced by a more modern symbol of the city: the mixed-user. And get this, the local neighborhood group, the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association, supports the new development, which encompasses both the BK and the theater, and is called The Mansfield. The SSNA first said "hell no" when developer The Korda Group showed them renderings of their proposed six-story, 132-unit project back in July, deeming it too "Miami." Working with Plus Architects, Korda returned with a design that better referenced the theater--which has been altered and damaged too much to be deemed historic--and included handsome retail spaces that should attract higher-end retail (so no Cash-for-Gold places, please). The development, which has to go before the Planning Commission and won't break ground until at least July when BK checks out, will also include a pool, spa, Zen garden, and a widened sidewalk on Wilshire.

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