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Malibu's Dan Blocker Beach Finally Getting Access and Parking

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It was only two full years ago that LA County promised to open up the mile-long Dan Blocker Beach in Malibu, and now it's finally said it'll break ground on an access project maaaaybe in April. It's pretty much illegal under California law for a beach to be as hard to get to as Dan Blocker is--it's fenced-off, has no sign, no parking, no restrooms, and not even a pathway down the 20-foot bluff from Pacific Coast Highway. People have been scrambling down the rocks for years while the county dawdled on spending an improvement grant and eventually lost the majority of the money. Now there are $5.5-million plans that would add 14 parking spaces with 90-minute metered parking, one ADA-compliant parking space, a 242-square-foot public restroom, concrete picnic tables, three public viewing areas, concrete benches, and two access points, reports the Malibu Times. The project goes before the Malibu Planning Commission on January 6. The beach, by the way, is named for Hoss from Bonanza.
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