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Tiny Hipster Flip Bungalow In Highland Park Asking $549k

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Just when we thought we had all the various real estate development firms that target Northeast LA hipsters down pat, along comes yet another team armed with reclaimed wood, Edison light bulbs, and thrift store paintings. The latest company climbing aboard the hipster-flip train is called HabHouse, and according to their Facebook page, this revamped bungalow in Highland Park is their fourth project. When last on the market, the 1940s house was listed as having two bedrooms and one bath in 836 square feet. It was also in deplorable condition. Four months later, the squalid shack has been swapped out for a basically-new bungalow in the style a la mode. Per the listing, the property now has three bedrooms and two baths, while the square footage has somehow been upped to 951. Features include "handmade fixtures, Bosch Cook top, and Kingston Brass Fixtures," hardwood and ceramic tile floors, double-pane windows, and "separate deck and patio soiree areas." Last sold in August for $370,000, it's now hoping to fetch $549,000.

· 4707 TOLAND Way [Redfin]