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NIMBYs Win Battle Against Transit-Friendly Hollywood Growth

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A judge has just ruled that the Hollywood Community Plan--designed by the city to govern growth and development in Hollywood over the next few decades--is "fatally flawed" and should be repealed. The last update to the plan came in 1988, before the arrival of the Red Line, and the new plan allows for higher density, mostly around transit stops, but several neighborhood groups (including the notoriously litigious La Mirada Neighborhood Association and growth-hating residents of the Hollywood Hills) filed suit, "saying that the council and city planners had relied on inaccurate data and failed to properly consider alternatives to the plan," as the LA Times describes it. You can read some of their less legally-based objections ("lives will be lost") over here, from our story on the plan's approval back in June 2012. According to an attorney for one of the opposition groups, the city will now have to start the approvals process over; another says that the ruling "will prevent the city from relying on the zoning changes that were part of the plan, including provisions that allowed for greater density on certain streets."
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