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Highland Park Launches Choose Your Own Park Adventure

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Increasingly-gentrified York Boulevard in Highland Park is getting a $3-million new green space, but it's not yet clear what exactly will be in it. The public will be able to view and vote on three options until December 14 (or in-person at the park site on the fourteenth). The one-third-acre green space, the site of a former gas station at Avenue 50, will definitely be gated and include an outdoor plaza, fitness areas, and bathrooms, but it could also feature a metal mural and "bermed" succulent garden or a slide and climbing wall or water misters and a play structure that looks like that scary talking tree in those Stubhub commercials. Anyone 11 and over can vote, so the tree is probably a lock.

· Tree house or climbing wall? Highland Park votes on design for a new York Boulevard Park [ELA]