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Buy A 1920s Rudolph Schindler Duplex in WeHo For $1.765MM

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Around the same time Rudolph Schindler was designing his experimental communal residence on Kings Road, the brilliant Austrian architect also designed several multi-family dwellings for client OS Floren, including this duplex on the corner of Romaine Street and Harper Avenue, just three blocks away from the Kings Road Schindler House. Per the listing, each unit of the 2,200-square-foot duplex features two bedrooms and two baths, as well as its own entrance, address, private yard, and secure garage. Other features include hardwood floors, high ceilings, skylights, and central heat and air. Hidden behind tall hedges on a 6,550-square-foot lot, the property is listed with an asking price of $1.765 million.

· 8235 ROMAINE St [Redfin]