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Here Are The Two Options For The New Arts District Park Design

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It's down to two options for the $1.6-million, half-acre Arts District park, planned for Hewitt Street (next to Urth Caffe, not behind it as we wrote before); a final design will be chosen at a community meeting next month. Renderings, courtesy of Councilmember Jose Huizar, depict two very different designs. The first iteration shows a space broken-up by permeable paved ground, eating areas, a playground, and shade structures. The second version gives the majority of the space over to a recessed lawn, with the playground and many of the trees pushed to the perimeters. Regardless of what's chosen, work should start in the fall and wrap in summer 2015.

· Concrete-Laden Arts District Getting A Half-Acre Park In 2015 [Curbed LA]