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Glassellland Sign Gone, Wildflowering Art Hits LA in Spring

[Buy now or be priced out forever! It's a charming cabin home in Beachwood Canyon listed at $1.499 million]

This Week's Top Stories: Congrats to Downtown LA as being named the most walkable neighborhood in Los Angeles according to the arbiters of bi-ped movements, Walkscore. The Daily Mail (UK) has helpfully pinpointed Scientology's secretive mountain retreat near Lake Arrowhead where members go to escape the hub-bub of city life and nuclear apocalypse. Friday morning, the much beloved and oddly spelled "Glassellland" sign in Glassell Park was removed from its hillside perch with no warning leaving many to wonder "why???" and then scream "nooo!!!!" Ooh, impress your socialist friends with a little home in Echo Park, formerly owned by well-lived Trotsky-ite Alexander Buchman, now available for purchase at $925k. An art project for green thumbs will be ready to bloom in Spring 2014. Wildflowering LA is planting 50 wild flower gardens across LA, so prepare to appreciate nature's beauty. The Ace Hotel is quickly wrapping up its conversion of the former United Artists Theater in Downtown LA with an opening date scheduled for January 2014. In celebrity real estate news, Anziz Ansari has purchased the lovely Hong House in Los Feliz Estates for $2.687 million.