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Animated Map Shows Angelenos Of All Income Levels Drive A Lot

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A Berkeley planning researcher has animated household travel surveys to show where Angelenos (and New Yorkers and San Franciscans) of various income levels are in the city and how they move around throughout the day. In case you can't tell, blue dots equal "cars." With the exception of people living in very low-income households, a whole lot of Angelenos start getting in their cars around 7 or 8 am and don't get out until about midnight (well, ok, they get out, but then they get back in). Atlantic Cities (via LAObserved) explains the details: "[Y]ou can watch thousands of these households move about the day described in their travel diaries (all of the responses are compressed into one day) ... The travel surveys account for each member of a household, and [mapmaker Fletcher] Foti has scaled the dots by age (smaller dots are younger, larger ones older). In some cases, you can actually watch children leaving home in the morning with a parent." Unlike NYC and SF, LA has multiple job centers (many of which are adjacent to more "suburban" areas), so you don't get the crazy daytime clustering and nighttime dispersal you see in those cities. Go play around and let us know if you notice anything cool.

· Household travel map [Synthicity]