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Producer Megan Ellison Sells Off Entire Bird Streets Compound

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Young Megan Ellison is one of the few interesting film producers working these days (her company Annapurna Pictures has worked on The Master, Zero Dark Thirty, and Spring Breakers) and the daughter of Oracle chief Larry Ellison, from whom she has picked up the practice of buying real estate in bulk (Dad owns an enormous percentage of Malibu's Carbon Beach and most of the island of Lanai). From 2008 to 2011, she put together a three-house, very glassy compound up in the Bird Streets, paying a total of $32.6 million. Two of the houses were brand new and one "had a down-to-the-studs renovation in the mid-Aught[s]," according to Real Estalker. Now she's sold them and the new owners will all tear them down. (Just the kind of disposable real estate thing drove Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman from the neighborhood.) Anyway, in August, Ellison sold one house to Gateway cofounder Ted Waitt for $20.5 million, and last month she sold the remaining two to Ashley Tabor, son of British bookmaker Michael Tabor, for $26.25 million. That's a total of $46.75 million, basically just for the land, much of which is too steep to actually build on. Anyway, Ellison is supposedly looking for a new house "in the $20 million range," as well as office space in Venice.

Ted Waitt's 9280 Nightingale Drive, bought for $20.5 million:

Ashley Tabor's 9262 Nightingale Drive, bought for $10.875 million:

Ashley Tabor's 9258 Nightingale Drive, bought for $15.375 million:

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