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Expo Line's Crenshaw Stop Getting Chain-Filled Retail Project

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Some may feel a two-story shopping center with a Target, Ross, and Marshall's is just what the Crenshaw District needs, while others may see it more as soul-sucking chains taking out local businesses. Either way, it's happening, reports Neon Tommy--the Expo Line-adjacent District Square is getting ready to break ground a block south of the Crenshaw station (which will also host Crenshaw Line trains in 2019, in a new underground portal). The 300,000-square-foot shopping center, designed by OC firm KTGY, will displace a Ralphs, along with parking lots and some small businesses. Duan Earl, owner of the famous Earlz Grille hot dog restaurant, is a District Square supporter, although his business, displaced by Crenshaw Line construction, is moving over to 39th and Crenshaw. Opinions on big box stores aside, the whole area around the station, save for the West Angeles Church, could certainly use a fluffing of some kind.

· South LA Welcomes New Retail Center [Neon Tommy]