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Socialist/Trotsky Guard's Echo Park House Asking $925,000

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Maybe you're born in Ohio in 1911 and get an engineering degree from Case Western, but spend most of your life devoted to the cause of socialism. Maybe you're kicked out of Japan in the 1930s for associating with Langston Hughes and having "dangerous thoughts." Maybe you go to Shanghai where you rig up a little system to take surreptitious photographs of Chinese laborers and help smuggle out accounts of Japanese atrocities. Maybe you go to Mexico in 1939 to guard exiled Russian revolutionary/anti-Stalinist Leon Trotsky and you spend several months improving his security system and taking hundreds of photos and videos. (Maybe a few months after you leave, Trotsky is killed with a pickaxe to the head.) Maybe you head to Los Angeles and serve briefly as a driver for Robert Benchley before getting a job at Rockwell International, where you try to unionize your fellow engineers. Maybe you're suspended and you lose your security clearance and are called a Communist. Maybe you're horrified because you spent months of your life guarding a man against Communist assassination attempts. Maybe you hire a right-wing lawyer to get you cleared, but not before having to testify about your political views. Maybe in 1950 you build yourself a little house in Elysian Heights (aka Red Hill), but still fret a bit about maybe living among Stalinists. Maybe you die in 2003 and the neighborhood spends the next decade getting gentrified by white liberals. Maybe eventually your wife dies, and the little house you built hits the market for $925,000. Here it is.

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