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1923 Adamson-Rindge Estate Flips Back in Hancock Park

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Here's a bit of a headscratcher. According to public data, this 1920s Mediterranean compound designed by Elmer Grey, for Merritt Adamson and Rhoda Rindge Adamson, traded hands barely six months ago for an even $8 million. And according to the trusty Real Estalker, the hands that traded it away belonged to sitcom actress Patricia Heaton and her actor/producer husband, David Hunt. As is de rigeur for celebrities gearing up to sell their homes these days, Heaton and Hunt pimped their pad out in the pages of Architectural Digest a year or so before shopping it around. So it's especially perplexing that the new listing photos for this prestigiously pedigreed and published property are downright amateurish—it's not like there aren't plenty of glamour shots of the place readily available. Go figure. At any rate, the 1.14-acre compound consists of an 8,400-square-foot main house with six bedrooms and six baths, two offices, seven fireplaces, a library, and tiled billiards room, plus a separate guesthouse/screening room. There's also a swimming pool and paddle tennis court. Today's asking price is $8.999 million.

· 355 S Muirfield Rd [Estately]