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LA's First Ace Hotel Opens on Broadway in Mid-January

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Reservations are now being accepted for rooms at the new Ace Hotel on Broadway in DTLA--hipster guests will be able to trim their mustaches inside the restored 1927 United Artists Theatre building starting January 15, the LA Times reports. Ace had originally announced that the adaptive reuse project, which includes 166 hotel rooms and 16 suites, would open before the end of the year. Interior design is by local firm Commune and the hotel chain's in-house designers, reports Brigham Yen, who also notes that the entire building will probably be painted (right now the building's crown is gleaming white and its body is not). Like the other Aces, many rooms in the LA hotel will be outfitted with custom turntables, and some rooms will come with guitars. Rooms range from small to terrace suite, with an average size of 220 square feet; prices start around $200 a night. Amenities include a rooftop bar and pool, screening room, and the 1,600-seat theater, reopened as a performance space. For restaurants, a seasonal American placed called LA Chapter is on its way.
· Downtown L.A. to welcome Ace Hotel [LA Times]

United Artists Theatre

933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA