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Toluca Lake's Historic 1926 Klump Estate Flips Back to Market Stripped Of All Its Best Features

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We first made the acquaintance of Toluca Lake's Klump Estate back in 2011, when it was listed for sale with a $2.95 million pricetag. Built in 1926 by Toluca Lake pioneer William Klump, the Spanish-style residence admittedly had a bit of a gloomy, Norma Desmond-ish air and was in need of refreshing, but had in its favor a bounty of lovely old-world details, including handpainted murals and fantastic ceramic tile in its two baths. The property languished on the market more than two years, finally changing hands in January 2013 for $1.8 million. Eleven months later, it's reappeared on the market, and while the house has definitely lost that gloomy vibe, it's also been ruthlessly stripped of some of its most charming original features. Farewell, colorful peacock bathroom tiles--your Calco tile fireplace counterparts will miss you! Hello, dull grey brick tiles and marble countertops. Other changes include the addition of a quarter bathroom, a "climate controlled 1,000 bottle wine cellar," and a saltwater swimming pool. The .45-acre property's new asking price is an audacious $3.875 million.

· 4352 Forman Ave [Estately]