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Car Collector's Car-Centric Hills House Asking $8.5 Million

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More and more Angelenos these days are going without cars, so good thing there are rich guys like investment management firm founder Jack Corwin to make up the difference. Corwin is a prolific car collector and he has a prolific car collector's estate up in the Hills, built in 1987 on a former piece of Errol Flynn's storied old Mulholland Farm estate. Corwin bought the house in 1997 for $1.85 million, according to the Wall Street Journal, and has just sent it to the open market for the second time this year (it was listed briefly in June for $7.9 million). According to the listing, the property is .85 acres and comes with a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom main house with a gym and media room; a pool; a one-bedroom guesthouse; and two garages with capacity for up to nine cars. Asking price today is $8.5 million.

· 7711 Flynn Ranch Road, Los Angeles, CA [Estately]