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SaMo Planning To Pack A Lot Into New Bergamot Station Park

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A park initially dreamed up to serve pragmatic needs--buffering the trains and workers at the forthcoming maintenance facility for the Expo Line extension--is turning into something a lot more ambitious. Currently called Buffer Park, the 2.35-acre space will be linear, running along the side of the Bergamot Station-adjacent maintenance facility. Landscape architect Mia Lehrer + Associates (Dodger Stadium reno, Silver Lake reservoir pedestrian path, Vista Hermosa Park) is working on the park design, which includes eight distinct areas or "rooms," promoting exercise, contemplation, gathering, gardening, playing, performances, or weeping (kidding about that last one). Specifically, they'll somehow squeeze in exercise stations, boulders for sitting, bird habitats, mature ficus trees, a sloped lawn, large steps, a learning garden, trellised pavilions, a community pavilion, and a half-mile jogging path. The park, which should also be getting a better name, could open in spring 2015, not long after work is finished on the maintenance facility and shortly before trains start running.
· New Park Proposed Near Future Expo Maintenance Facility In Santa Monica [SM Mirror]