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Partial Sriracha Shutdown Could Lead To A Hot Sauce Shortage

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An LA County Superior Court judge has ruled that Sriracha has to stop doing whatever it is that's poisoning the air in Irwindale. A "strong, offensive chili odor" in the city has allegedly caused headaches, asthma attacks, and heartburn, which sounds reasonably like the effect you'd get if you bathed all your food in Sriracha. That shit is really hot. The city has been asking the court to shut down the Sriracha plant until the odor is handled, and yesterday a judge said that owner Huy Fong Foods has to "cease any kind of operations that could be causing the odors and make immediate changes that would help mitigate them," reports the LA Times. Huy Fong only processes chilis for three months every year and that's just wrapped up for 2013; however, they do mix and bottle all year round, and if that's the problem, there could be a Sriracha shortage looming. We recommend Cholula.
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