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This House In Compton Is Asking $1 Million

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Real estate prices in the northwest part of Compton had an incredible comeback after the recession, but mostly only because they dropped so low during the recession. Also this house is not anywhere near northwest Compton. It is, however, asking $1 million. It is the only single-family house in Compton asking more than half a million dollars, judging by listing site Redfin. Still, the house is large (3,918 square feet), newish (built in 2010, apparently never sold before), and sits on 1.48 acres of land ("Perfect for Horses," according to the listing). And Compton's new mayor says she's going to make the city "a new Brooklyn," so you gotta start jacking up home prices somewhere. The house also comes with a pool, patio, dining room, and media room with theater seating.

· 850 East GREENLEAF [Redfin]
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