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Megamansion Enclave Bev Park Enters Phase 2: Gigamansions

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Thank God, someone is finally tearing down Lisa Vanderpump's hideous, 15,480-square-foot "French Chateau" in gated Beverly Park. The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills sold the house--designed of course by Richard Landry, LA's very own Jules Hardouin-Mansart--in 2011 for $18.8 million and the new owners are making it Beverly Park's first teardown, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Huzzah! Oh, hang on ... they're tearing it down to build a much, much bigger megamansion, probably. As Real Househusband of Beverly Hills/real estate agent Mauricio Umansky says, "The newer homes are at 30,000 square feet. This marks the beginning of a second generation of construction." Perhaps he's referring to Mark Wahlberg's new 30k-square-foot house in Beverly Park, which is just about finished and was designed by, guess who, Richard Landry. Beverly Park is 23 years old and, as Umansky notes, full of tiny little nothing homes: "When Beverly Park was built, homes were 10,000 square feet, humongous at the time." (Besides its megamansions, BP is most notorious for a hilarious civil war that erupted after North Beverly Park banned access to the South's servants. For real.)
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