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Add One More 7-Story Mixed-User To East South Park Boom*

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We thought it would take a streetcar--currently years away, if it happens at all--to spur boatloads of new development around the eastern end of South Park, but the 'hood's Olympic Boulevard is already catching fire. Specifically, Olympic between Grand and Olive is sizzling, with Hanover Company planning a "Parisian-style" project with 274 units and 12,000 square feet of retail (they're also building another mixed-user at Olympic and Hill) and Urban Village planning to build 96 units a stone's throw away, on the parking lot of the former Crash Mansion nightclub. Now, Lennar is developing a 201-unit mixed-user with 4,100 square feet of retail next to both the Hanover and Urban Village projects, on the southwest corner of Olive and Olympic--*Lennar also bought out the Urban Village project planned for the parking lot of the former Crash Mansion club, with part of their project encompassing that space. With metallic panels, the design from KTGY is somewhat inspired and includes 12 two-story townhouses that open right up to Olive. The height, however, is the same stumpy seven stories hated by density fans, including Councilman Jose Huizar, who proposed an ordinance that could temporarily ban low-slung projects in DTLA (all these developments will likely be grandfathered in should the ordinance advance).
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