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Renters Week Vacates, Runyon Canyon's New Path

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[Home tour of a Koreatown Rental. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Renter's Week 2013 has officially left the building (we're keeping the deposit due to damage to the carpet), but we'll have fond memories of the time we spent together. As part of Renters Week we got an inside tour of JFK's brief rental in Hancock Park, where he stayed during the Democratic National Convention in 1960. Rents in Los Angeles are now higher than they were before the recession, averaging $1,688 or 5.9% higher than pre-recession levels. Progress on construction of the Expo Line Phase II, connecting Culver City to Santa Monica, continues with train tracks installed across Westwood Boulevard. What can $1,200 get you in LA now-a-days? Not much according to our rental guide of tiny apartments in 5 neighborhoods. The huge 71-story Wilshire-Grand tower in Downtown is closer than you think, with a "bottoming-out" ceremony having taken place this week. Update your hiking maps everyone. The owner of the property at the top of Runyon Canyon is rerouting people away from that hideous mcmansion property by offering some new stairs to the top and gating off the old route.