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Touring John F. Kennedy's 1960 Hancock Park Rental Today

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The internet (and sometimes Curbed!) is packed with home tours showing off high-priced, designer-decorated, ruthlessly-curated, frame-cluster-and-Noguchi-coffee-table-packed, delusionally-aspirational homes. Fuck that. This Renters Week we're touring the apartments of the non-wealthy, non-professional-decorator set to see how the rest of us live. For this series, we just happened to visit the people who live in the penthouse of Hancock Park's Mauretania Apartments, where John F. Kennedy stayed during the 1960 Democratic National Convention (at which he was nominated for president). Today seems like a good day to show it to you, since it's the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination.

Updated 6:50 pm: We should note that one roommate has already moved out and the rest are on their way out, which is why the decor's a little sparse right now. Pre-move-out photos have been added down below.

Who lives here?
Trevor / Jacob -- both 29

What're the stats?
3 BR's, 3 bathrooms. It's kind of weird because the bathrooms, while all super nice, are interior to the bedrooms.

What's the rent?
$4200 / month

How long have you been here?
Since November 2011

What's the best feature of your apartment?
The Great Room opening onto a huge, covered balcony. And probably the second balcony -- if you're throwing a party, you can watch the other end of it from the second balcony.

What's the worst feature?
It's impossible to get the heating / air to work possibly. Too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

What's your approach to decorating?
Do it slowly. And cheaply. Try to mix and match art-deco stuff with kind of more mid-century modern. Or just head out to the Rose Bowl or an estate sale with a big truck and decide, this is gonna be the day.

Any crazy/interesting stories about it?
According to legend -- or at least according to the landlord -- this was the apartment JFK stayed in before the Democratic convention in 1960. (Eds. note: several sources confirm this.)

How'd you end up here?
There was a tiny little ad in Craigslist that hinted at total awesomeness. We wrote a crazy little essay and next thing we knew, the apartment was ours -- not even a credit check!

If you could have any living situation in LA, what would it be?
This apartment, as amazing as it is, made me realize I want a house. I want to have a backyard. A small mid-century place in Silverlake with a nice backyard...

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