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What $11,000 A Month Can Rent You In 5 LA Neighborhoods

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a set dollar amount in various Los Angeles neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $11,000.

Blocks from the beach, this three-bedroom, four-level Marina del Rey house, renting for $10,000, flaunts a gourmet kitchen, rooftop deck, multiple fireplaces and a goddamned elevator. It's thoughtfully been furnished with nondescript nouveau riche items like flatscreen TVs, sectional sofas, and mediocre art depicting meditating yogis and embracing lovers.

Got $10,950 burning a hole in your monthly pocket? Why not squander it on this seven-bedroom, 7,500-square foot-house in the cultureless vacuum that is Encino? The front entrance will have guests, after having thrown a couple hundred pennies in the fountain, ask themselves, "am I about to enter a Cheesecake Factory?" The wine cellar and working sauna will have them ask, "WHAT recession?"

"Paradise abounds" in this four-bedroom house located on a "cul-de-sac in celebrity area when country meets city! (siiiiic)". The Hollywood Hills hotspot, renting for $10,950, promises "great entertainment flow" and alleges to have a wine cellar "fit for royalty." Its Craigslist listing is entirely in caps, no doubt because the agent listing it is SO EXCITED by its OPULENCE.

It's LA, baby; if your baby isn't attending a "coveted school," your personal brand suffers. Fix that fatal error ASAP by renting this five-bedroom, 4,100-square-foot house close to la-di-da schools like Roscomare in tony Bel Air. Your kid will love monkeying around on the backyard's playset and your long-suffering maid will appreciate scrubbing the Subzero and Viking appliances. Rent is $11,500.

At first glance, this four-bedroom Beverly Hills house's $11,995 a month pricetag may have seemed a little too rich for your blood. Until, of course, you notice that said "price is negotiable for tenants with good credit." If your FICO score's looking solid, ditch the glorified room you currently call an apartment and jump ship to this "Beverly Hills Entertainers Dream Home." You can wash the shame off in your very own outdoor shower! --Megan Koester

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