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There Is So Much Sex Happening At The Central Library

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There has been "a surge of sexual activity at the Central Library" for at least a year now, and the LAPD is ON IT. They've carried out 14 sting operations this year, and have made nine arrests, according to the Downtown News. A rep for the library notes that 145,000 people visit the library every month, and almost none of them masturbate in the restroom while another person watches. (Some of the sex is happening in public areas, some of it is in restrooms, it's always between men, often in the early afternoon (?), and usually a masturbation/watching thing.) Look, we can all agree that the Central Library is very sexy, and a library patron points out "that a couple could stealthily dash into any of the hidden pockets formed from the maze-like stacks," but come on, dudes, have some respect. Take it to an abandoned Blockbuster or something.
· At the Central Library, a Litany of Lewd Acts [Downtown News]

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