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The 5 Places You Always, Always Meet on LA's Craigslist

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Spend just a little time sifting through rental ads on Craigslist LA and you're bound to start noticing certain places that pop up on the regs. Spend a lot of time on the C-list, and you will probably get to know these listings better than your own family. Here are five places you can safely bet the rent on seeing posted day after day, year after year, and, sometimes, hour after hour.

The Ravenswood
Three things we know about the Ravenswood:
1. Mae West used to live there.
2. It has a cool neon sign.
3. There is always an apartment available. Or several, as appears to be the case at the moment.
Some choice words from one of the pitches: "This building is maintained so well you could eat off the hallway carpet!!!! Fabulous new manager, elegant lobby, conference room,two gorgeous elevators, peaceful zen like pool area, extra large immaculate laundry room. This is just not any single, It has full separate kitchen, dining room area, dressing room with built- ins and a "to die for bathroom" ALL original gorgeous 1930 tile. A lot of closet and storage space, unexpected space. plus!!! an original 1930 drop down ironing board!!!" Perfect, 'cause who doesn't love ironing?

Point Fermin vintage beach cottage
While it's certainly possible that this "charming '20s Craftsman cottage" might find some takers were it in Venice or Santa Monica instead of Point Fermin/San Pedro, something (i.e., its consistently reliable appearance on Craigslist) tells us the location is not the only issue with this rental.

Hollywood Tower
In addition to a criminal abuse of HDR in the listing photos, the impossible-to-avoid ads for units in the Hollywood Tower on Franklin Avenue stand out on account of their aggressively douchey headlines commanding you to "Live Like a Rock Star!"

Los Altos
Like the Hollywood Tower's, the ads for Hancock Park's Los Altos apartments are far too heavy-handed with the HDR, but they are even more egregious when it comes to the odious carpet-bombing tactic. As of this writing, there are approximately 20 separate ads for the exact same one-bedroom apartment, all placed on the same day, but with slightly different headlines. Take it easy, Los Altos!

Santee Court
Okay, windows are great, no argument there. "Historic windows," even better. But are you sure that's the only feature of your lofts you'd care to single out, Santee Court? It is? Very well, you know best.
· Craigslist Power Hour [Curbed LA]

Hollywood Tower

6138 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA