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What $1,800 A Month Can Rent You In 5 LA Neighborhoods

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a set dollar amount in various Los Angeles neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,800.

↑ Did you know that blue is one of the most calming colors in the spectrum? If you didn't, you'll find out once you move into into this freshly-painted two-bedroom apartment in Silver Lake's "Upper Village" (whatever the hell that is), renting for $1,725. Located across the street from the Criterion DVD-rich Silver Lake Library, this property offers "the most tranquil setting in the area with [its] lush landscaping." Get ready to get CHILL.

To describe this neighborhood near Wilton and Melrose as Hancock Park is liberal at best. (Let's call it Larchmont.) That being said, this two-bedroom "retro" apartment in a "quiet, gated community with [a] beautifully manicured courtyard" is still nicer than the dank studio apartment you so often find around here. A buttload of vintage windows, crown molding, and a cutesy kitchen makes living near the hell that is Melrose and Western that much more tolerable, for just $1,740.

In both pictures and description, the ad for this one-bedroom unit at Hancock Park's legendary (and frequently Craigslisted) Ravenswood, former haunt of myriad screen legends, is vague. The reader is told that said unit has "fabulous original tiled bathrooms" and "beautiful hardwood floors," yet little else. But, well, shit. Do you wanna live in the building Mae West died in or not? Rent is $1,825.

This "beautifully renovated" two-bedroom Echo Park house, with its brand-new flooring and double-paned windows, has "lots of potential!" Look at the bizarrely placed bowls with napkins nuzzled inside of them that were prominently featured in the Craigslist ad and think of the potential! Want to show your sweet laundry hookups off to a phantom, possibly ghost-like, dinner guest? You can do just that! Live the dream! Rent is $1,875.

The Craigslist ad for this (alleged) Downtown rental consists of but three words: "Unique and lofty!" Is it spam? Is it legit? Is Andy Kaufman still alive and posting obtuse rental listings on Craigslist? The world may never know. $1,875. --Megan Koester

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