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Home Tours For The Rest Of Us: Megan, Nana, And JP's Two-Bedroom Apartment In Koreatown

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The internet (and sometimes Curbed!) is packed with home tours showing off high-priced, designer-decorated, ruthlessly-curated, frame-cluster-and-Noguchi-coffee-table-packed, delusionally-aspirational homes. Fuck that. This Renters Week we're touring the apartments of the non-wealthy, non-professional-decorator set to see how the rest of us live. Today: a two-bedroom in Koreatown.

Who lives here?
Megan, 23; Nana, 28?; JP, 40

What're the stats?
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ... 1400 sq ft

What's the rent?
rent is $1450

How long have you been here?
been here about a year and a half

What's the best feature of your apartment?
the light and the floors and the built-in shrine/phone area

What's the worst feature?
the neighbors noise and roaches

What's your approach to decorating?
finding amazing shit and putting it on the walls

Any crazy/interesting stories about your apartment?
There is a voice every morning that announces things we cannot took a few weeks for us to realize that it was the school up the block.

How'd you end up here?
We traveled in an RV for a year after leaving Portland OR. Eventually we ended up in LA to play a show and just kind of decided to stay. We house sat here several times while still in the RV and the final time we were house sitting we were talking about getting a place and our friend informed us that she was moving out so we could have the we stayed!

How's your landlord?
Our landlords are amazing and super attentive to anything that goes wrong. Some of the best landlords Ive ever had.

If you could have any living situation in LA, what would it be?
A small house with a yard and practice space. Preferably nearer nature.

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