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Long Beach Moving Ahead With Plan To Swap Freeway For Park

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An effort to detox part of west Long Beach by tearing out a mile of the four-mile Terminal Island Freeway and replacing it with a green belt is advancing, the LA Times reports. The city will use a $225,000 grant next year to study options related to the 73-year-old freeway, including transforming a swath of it into green space for the park-poor area, which suffers from ships and trucks constantly going into and out of the nearby ports. The TIF is not as busy as you'd imagine, but there are some early concerns about traffic being spilled onto surface streets should the freeway get torn out and replaced with a regular road (the surplus space would serve as the park). Many are supportive, though, from the city's school district to the Port of Long Beach. Noticeably silent are trucking associations and the Port of Los Angeles, the latter of which has expansion plans that could complicate or kill the park plan.
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