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Sriracha's Big Stink, Constructing the Purple Line

[Rendering from the proposed Santa Monica/Brentwood Gateway Marketplace project]

This Week's Top Stories: We're smelling trouble in Irwindale, where residents and City officials are up in arms over the spicy smells emanating from the Sriracha factory. This week, a lawsuit to shut down the factory failed but this isn't over. For the first time ever, one of Gregory Ain's very well-preserved units in the Avenel Housing Cooperative in Silver Lake has hit the market for $650k. Metro has released their construction schedule for the tunneling and building of the first phase of the Purple Line subway extension, including some new looks at the above ground entries at La Cienega and Wilshire and La Brea and Wilshire. In honor of the horror that is Halloween, Curbed mapped 21 of LA's most notorious murder spots. Councilman Tom Labonge is pushing to have the State Senate overturn a 1991 ban that prevents the usage of the current Orange Line bus rapid transit right-of-way for light rail usage, a first step in connecting the Valley to the rail on the other side of the hill. A program to improve the streetscape in Boyle Heights is introducing some colorful new art to the gray utility boxes in the neighborhood. We're pretty sure Jennifer Anniston is not building a runway for her private jet in the hills of Bel Air, but Britain's Heat Magazine claims its true, so you should probably believe the print publication.