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Home Tours For The Rest Of Us: Alex's Apt. in Pico-Robertson

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The internet (and sometimes Curbed!) is packed with home tours showing off high-priced, designer-decorated, ruthlessly-curated, frame-cluster-and-Noguchi-coffee-table-packed, delusionally-aspirational homes. Fuck that. This Renters Week we're touring the apartments of the non-wealthy, non-professional-decorator set to see how the rest of us live. First up: a one-bedroom rental in Pico-Robertson.

Who lives here?
Alexandra, 33

What's the rent?

What're the stats?
1 bd/1 ba

How long have you been here?
About 3 years.

What's your apartment's best feature?
I have 2: tons of closet space and giant windows in the living room. There used to be a beautiful palm tree right outside but they cut it down. New one is comin' up now and I'm determined to keep it!

What's the worst feature?
Lack of anywhere to sit outside. I love sun and gardens and it kills me that I have nowhere to chill en plein air. I do sit in front of my living room window on sunny mornings though.

What's your approach to decorating?
Most of the stuff in my apartment was purchased on Craigslist or in Mexico. I have eclectic tastes and enjoy decorating schemes that somehow make any kind of style be okay in a given environment. Somehow I think it all hangs together in here...minus the bedroom. That stuff's all just old. Someday!

Any crazy/interesting stories about the place?
Someone got evicted just a few weeks ago! There had been some yucky neighbors living in that unit (I fought with them about parking), then they absconded in the middle of the night. Seriously -- stole rental furniture and took it with them. New folks moved in soon after and they seemed nice, but there were different weird cars in the driveway daily. Turned out they were squatting or something! Hadn't been paying rent, and had been selling lotsa weed to boot. I was here when the sheriff came and it was all very dramatic. But we have a whole new crop of nice neighbors now (building is 6 units total) and all is peaceful and happy.

How'd you end up here?
My Mom was driving around and saw a for rent sign. I didn't love the looks of the building from the outside, but the apt is great for 1 person and the rent can't be beat.

How's your landlord?
AWESOME. Incredibly responsive and respectful and they do repairs/maintenance right away -- even follow up to find out if everything is okay. Beyond that they are super chill and hands off.

If you could have any living situation in LA, what would it be?
Venice canal or walk street, or a wooded treehouse in a canyon.

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