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Westwood Boulevard Now Has Train Tracks Running Across It

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[All photos by Gökhan Esirgen via Transit Coalition]

Construction workers installed train tracks this weekend across Westwood Boulevard, a bit south of Pico and the Westside Pavilion, as part of ongoing work for the Expo Line extension. It's pretty funny that this Rancho Park neighborhood was the first to get train tracks--most of the earlier work for the light rail line involved building bridges and soundwalls--since it was the epicenter of opposition to the Expo. Just a few years ago, the manicured lawns of Westwood Boulevard were littered with signs declaring "Trains and Kids Don't Mix"; well, the homeowners lost their battle against the train and the kiddies and the choo-choo will have to make peace when the line opens in 2015 or '16. Reports on the Transit Coalition message boards indicate that driving over the tracks is pretty seamless. Next weekend, nearby Overland Avenue will get the same track treatment.

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