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Construction Underway at Hollywood & Western Retail Project

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Following the clearing of the all the remnant buildings at the northwest corner or Hollywood and Western (including the fondly remembered X-Spot adult video store and the Thai Hot Dog stand), it was only a matter of time before construction would take off at that corner. Stopping by this afternoon, we spotted the support beams in place for the imaginatively named Hollywood Western Retail Center - another quality product from the CIM Group. The one story retail center will include approx. 39,667 square feet of retail space for two tenants and a rooftop parking deck with 125 parking spaces. Because of the proximity of the Hollywood Western Red Line station, the project gets a 15% reduction in required parking. A previous iteration of the plan included two subterranean parking levels, but given that the building includes only one level of retail, we're guessing that didn't pencil out. We'll be curious to see what tenants CIM gets for the two tenant spaces. The larger space, at 24,187 square feet, is about the same size as the West Hollywood Whole Foods, in case you were wondering.

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