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Lloyd Wright's Derby House, Updating LA's Essential Hotels

[Curbed checked in on the construction helping to build up Palms]

This Week's Top Stories: In an affront to humanity, Curbed updated its 38 Essential Los Angeles Hotels map with only 18 hotels. Halla Chateau Marmont. Plans to remake the Marina del Rey waterfront seem to be moving along, with plans for a more pedestrian friendly makeover of Fisherman's Village having been released. The continuing story of the cursed mcmansion on top of Runyon Canyon may finally be nearing its terrible end, with plans to build more mcmansions and reroute the popular trail at the top of the hill. A well-priced Spanish style home in Echo Park with some nice, and some questionable, upgrades has come onto the market for $749k. In video, remembering the teenage riots of yesteryear in support of the right to rock n' roll on the Sunset Strip. If the LA River had deep water, and if BMW made mini submarines, the commute from LA to Long Beach could be awesome. It's Mayan and Islamic! Lloyd Wright's spectacular 5-bedroom Derby House in Glendale has come on the market for $1.65 million. Listing web site Trulia is calling "bubble" on Los Angeles' housing market due to a continuing short supply of houses on the market which has lead to an increase in prices for what's available.