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Chris Brown Househunting In Malibu But He Still Hasn't Sold His Last Two Places

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[Brown's Hollywood Hills house]

High-profile asshole Chris Brown has just spent a couple weeks in one of those Malibu rehabs working on his anger management, and apparently he's really taken to the city by the beach. He'd already been looking to sell his glassy place in the Hollywood Hills, where the hilarious neighbors claimed his graffiti frightened their children, but now TMZ says he's actually written an offer on a Malibu house "in an exclusive, gated community where a bunch of other high profile celebrities live" (Malibu Colony or Serra Retreat?). Brown paid $1.55 million for his freshly-built Hills house in late 2011, and his rich, white neighbors were handwringing even before he moved in. Maybe that's because he'd allegedly caused so much trouble with the rich, white neighbors at his last place, a condo in West Hollywood, which he also has yet to sell. It's been on the market since May 2012, first asking $1.895 million and now chopped down to $1.695 million. TMZ points out that Malibu is also full of rich white people who will probably not like Brown's behavior for reasons having everything to do with Brown and nothing at all to do with themselves.

[Brown's WeHo condo]

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