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X Train Party Train To Vegas Has Been Quietly Killed Off

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Things appear to be falling apart for the proposed X Train from Fullerton to North Las Vegas. The just-released second quarter report from operator Las Vegas Railway Express revealed that the penny stock company is dropping plans to raise $100 million to launch the train service, which was supposed to start this New Year's Eve and allow people to eat, drink, and buy show tickets while en route. By giving up on raising the start-up money, the company lost a $600,000 deposit to Union Pacific, which owns part of the tracks between Nevada and California. LVRE's plan now is to pursue a deal with unnamed investors to restart Amtrak service between southern California and the Vegas area, which stopped 16 years ago. The company also has a proposal to add casino-style train cars to existing Amtrak routes, but Amtrak says no such plans are in place. Meanwhile, a planned high-speed rail route from Vegas to Victorville was recently starved to death by US Representative Paul Ryan. Back to the drawing board, and the 15.
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