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Homeowners Kill Off Westwood Boulevard Bike Lane

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Would a bike lane on Westwood Boulevard, from Pico to Santa Monica boulevards, help alleviate traffic on that insufferable street? We'll never know, because Councilmember Paul Koretz has quashed a study that was looking at adding a "floating" bike lane, one that's positioned against parked cars at most times, but moves to the curb during rush hour, when street parking is banned. With some re-striping of the already wide lanes on Westwood, the plan would've allowed the stretch to keep that extra peak-hour car lane. Koretz, acting at the behest of wealthy homeowners, is in disagreement here with his appointee to the LA Bicycle Advisory Committee, Jonathan Weiss; Weiss supports the lane. The Source gets in on the action too, pointing out that the boulevard will be home to two rail stations in the coming years and should be as bike-friendly as possible. On top of that, there are already bike lanes on Westwood Boulevard south of Pico and north of Santa Monica Boulevard, so this one would've closed a gap.
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