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Los Angeles's Biggest House Is Under Construction In Bel Air

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[Construction shot via Shooting LA; renderings via Homes of the Rich]

Today our pals over at Curbed National came across an aerial construction shot of an enormous megamansion being built on about three acres at the intersection of Bellagio Road and Stone Canyon in Bel Air, and word is that it's going to be 60,000 square feet when it's done. That might just make it the biggest private house in Los Angeles. (Anthony Pritzker's huge-ass compound is just shy of 50k square feet; megamansion developer Mohamed Hadid's latest was 48k; a Saudi prince is desperately trying to build a 52k house in Beverly Crest; Petra Ecclestone's Manor is 56,500, but let us know if we've missed one.) Chateau des Fleurs--because rich people continue to refuse to see any irony or ill-portent in naming their houses like they're French palaces--was designed by architect William Hefner and started work way back in 2008. According to permits, the house will come with three elevators, an underground parking garage, a pool, a paddle tennis court pavilion, a guardhouse, and a guesthouse. The owner is listed as a real estate lawyer, so that's probably a front--who's behind this place? If you know, let us know.

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