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Lloyd Wright's Mayan/Islamic Derby House Hits The Market In Glendale Asking $1.65 Million

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Jazzing up the market this week is Glendale's Derby House, designed by the very-talented-in-his-own-right Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright). According to a 1993 LA Times story on the house, it was built in 1926 for businessman James Derby, his wife, and their two sons; however, the article informs us, in ghost-story-like fashion, "the Derbys separated prior to the home's completion; only Mrs. Derby and the children eventually lived within its mysterious walls." Spooky! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Mayan/Islamic-style residence was constructed with concrete textile blocks that feature a yucca plant pattern, a motif that's repeated in the 3,281-square-foot house's garage gates, fireplace grates, French door grills, and closets. Per the description, the Derby has five bedrooms, two and three-quarters baths, a two-story living room overlooking the garden, and a hexagonal dining room with floor-to-ceiling fireplace. The listing also notes that "except for one bathroom and the designer kitchen, the house is basically unaltered." As far as we can tell, the landmark property has had the same owners since 1974. Sited on a 1.53-acre lot in the Chevy Chase neighborhood, it's listed at $1.65 million. · 2535 E Chevy Chase Dr [Redfin]