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This Is Not A Banksy In Downtown Los Angeles

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A tipster sent in this photo of a nice piece of street art spotted Downtown, on Ninth Street between Grand and Hope, and wondered if it might be a Banksy. Anonymous Brit Banksy, the most famous street artist in the world, recently drove New York City completely mad with a month-long "residency" called Better Out Than In, and there have been rumors throughout that he'd show up in Los Angeles eventually too (he's already visited many times). But so far: no dice. Greg Linton of the killer street art site Melrose&Fairfax (now very sadly on a break), tells us via email "That piece is definitely not from Banksy, but with that said, it is a very similar stencil aesthetic to Banksy's ... the picture in question is an impressive stencil with a lot of detail, however, the clear reason that this is not Banksy is that the minor cuttings on the stencil are too detailed. Banksy generally shades all but the featured relevant expressions and/or features. Not Banksy, but a rad piece of art." He doesn't recognize the artist, but guesses that whoever it is is new to Los Angeles. And that's your street art lesson for the day. Be well.
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