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Kim And Kanye Might Build A New Megamansion In Bel Air

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, those crazy kids, aren't even done renovating their megamansion in gated Bel Air Crest, haven't even moved in, haven't tried out the gold-plated toilets or Swarovski-encrusted fridge, and now they're looking to build a new megamansion, maybe with platinum-plated toilets and a diamond-encrusted fridge, who knows? TMZ reports that the pair was spotted scoping out a 10-acre plot "way in the back of Bel Air" (another site says Calabasas--the point is, it's up there), which is going for something like $10 million. If they decide to build a new house, they'll supposedly sell their Bel Air Crest place, which they were originally maybe going to flip anyway. They bought that house in January this year for $9 million, but are reportedly looking for something more secluded.
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