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1930s Silver Lake House Sold Last Month for $1.8 Million Flips Back Asking $2.1 Million

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Some flippers do bad work, some flippers do good work, and some flippers do no work at all. Judging by its new listing, it would appear that this 1930s traditional overlooking the Silver Lake Reservoir is being flipped by a member of the latter category. Listed in September for $1.3 million, the six-bedroom house closed a sale on October 17 for $1.81 million. According to a tipster, it had 20 bidders, 19 of whom will no doubt be thrilled to hear the property has popped back up for sale quicker than a jack-in-the-box, "waiting to be restored" and asking $2.1 million. Yeah, yeah, we know--"asking prices mean nothing." But sometimes they say a lot.

· 2057 REDCLIFF St [Redfin]
· 2057 REDCLIFF St [Redfin]