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Palms Building Boom: The Good, The OK, and The Hideous

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Sleepy Palms is one of the last Westside neighborhoods without sky-high rents, or airs, but that could be changing. Several projects are underway in the Culver City-adjacent 'hood--Palms Point (the red, orange, silver beast) is the most notorious. The 31-unit mixed-user is just about ready to open and is certainly eye-catching--drivers and pedestrians couldn't peel their eyes off of it this weekend--but not in a good way. Kind of looks like if you tried to murder a mall in Vegas (maybe they should paint it?). Expect less horror from the Frost/Chaddock-developed mixed-user just across Motor Avenue. The 115-unit project is well underway and looks pretty tasteful in its rendering. Both projects are less than half a mile from the under-construction Palms station on the Expo Line. Pictures from the weekend indicate work there is progressing on the groundfloor plaza and the elevators that will take commuters up to the elevated station, which should open in about two years.

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