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Proposed Marriott/Hampton Inn Will Help Pay For Santa Monica's Expo Line Esplanade

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Things are looking good for two proposed Santa Monica hotels--a 136-room Marriott and a 143-room Hampton Inn--near the terminus of the second phase of the Expo Line light rail. Though there may be some wrangling over exact minimum wages for employees, the local hospitality union is on board with the majority of the hiring plans from developer OTO and will endorse the hotels at a city council meeting tonight. As part of their proposal, OTO committed to pay $1.7 million in local upgrades, including $1 million to the approximately $13-million Colorado Esplanade, the pedestrian promenade at the foot of the Expo Line station. A set of columns in front of the proposed Marriott remains an issue, with city planners saying they will block access for walkers. OTO set them back closer to the hotel, but the planning commission isn't mollified yet (they previously told OTO their hotel designs stunk).
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