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Buy A 1960s Bomb Shelter And 2 Houses In Bellflower For $820k

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Bellflower is one of those tiny little suburban towns in scandal-plagued Southeast LA, and it's probably as good a place as any to wait out the apocalypse. Or you better hope it is, because the end of the world could be here any minute and there's a fallout shelter for sale there. The broker babble says "remember the cold war?[??!!?!]," and notes that the shelter is 360 square feet with five-foot concrete ceilings and three-foot concrete walls. It comes with two houses--a remodeled three-bedroom "reputedly built for the President of the Red Cross" in the 1930s and a one-bedroom house with access to the bomb shelter. The property is zoned for horses, chickens, and goats, which means a handy source of food if you can hustle your animals into that shelter before the end comes. Asking price is $820,000.

· 10312 Midway St, Bellflower, CA 90706 [Zillow]
· 16600 CALIFORNIA St [Redfin]