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Need Advice On Where Or How To Rent In LA? We Can Help

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Renters Week, Curbed's annual week-long rental-property party, starts Monday, and we're planning on answering alllll of your questions about renting. Do you need advice on security deposits, repairs, parking spaces, or anything else a real, bona fide landlord might be able to help with? We will have a real, bona fide landlord to provide that advice. Send your questions to with the subject "Ask a Landlord." Are you moving to Los Angeles from out of town and wondering where to settle (or have you been here a while and are still confused)? We will have a panel of Los Angeles experts to advise you on which neighborhood is right for you. Just write a little bit about yourself (age, background, job situation, budget, hobbies/interests, etc.) and send it to Everything will be kept anonymous, of course. We're here to help.
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