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Marina Del Rey's Fisherman's Village Getting Huge Overhaul

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Los Angeles's "fake little seaside village tourist attraction" business is booming once again these days after decades on the decline. Ports O' Call is getting a big makeover in San Pedro and now Marina del Rey's Fisherman's Village is looking down the maw of "a near-total rebuild," according to the Argonaut. The site is owned by LA County and leased/operated by Pacific Ocean Management, which wants to get rid of the five existing buildings but keep the "iconic lighthouse." POM has released some very speculative renderings of what the new village might look like and meanwhile, the County is gathering its own ideas; whatever's finally built is "likely to involve a larger retail footprint, transportation upgrades and more dock space for recreational boaters and kayakers." One planner involved says most people they've talked to really want "different kinds of [additional] restaurants and a more user-friendly retail presence. And more places to stroll and wander — to just sit by the water — so an environment that's more pedestrian friendly." The County should release a firmer picture of what they want in December.
· A new vision for Marina del Rey: Fisherman's Village contemplates overhaul as county officials plan for increased harbor amenities [Argonaut]